“The Most Prolife Governor” Kills Prolife Bill: Is Oklahoma Abolishing Abortion? Part 2

Today Mary Fallin, the Governor of Oklahoma, vetoed the bill aiming to revoke licensing from abortionists and make abortion a felony with a one to three year sentence. Yesterday I wrote extensively on this particular bill. That is here. In short, I’m not a big fan, though it is better than many other pro-life regulation... Continue Reading →

Is Oklahoma Abolishing Abortion?: Part 1

Many Oklahoman Pro-lifers are very excited by SB 15521 being passed and sent on to the Governor's Office. News headlines read “Oklahoma Passes Bill Effectively Banning Abortion” and “Oklahoma Lawmakers Pass Bill That Makes Performing An Abortion A Felony”. Sounds great, doesn’t it? Many will think so. I’m not so sure. I WILL say that the version... Continue Reading →

Addicted to Conformity and Novelty

I want to begin with admitting that I have been guilty of both of these urges. I have greatly desired to accept whatever is considered the prevailing wisdom. I have also greatly desired to scorn the prevailing wisdom. Both the impulse to fall in line and the impulse to buck the status quo can bring... Continue Reading →

Progressivism Trumps Pietism

Earlier this week I stumbled upon this quote from a book that I read a few years ago. The book, I Wear the Black Hat, is intriguing and entertaining. It could be described as "pop-psychology". It's about why we root for or are intrigued by the bad guys. Think Darth Vader, Hannibal Lecter and so... Continue Reading →

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