Faux Obligation and Faux Abolitionism

Abolitionism is not a more radical, Protestantized, immediatist, form of prolifeism. It is so much more than that. Many have become involved in this movement or interested in this movement because of abolitionism’s stance against regulationism. They are drawn to the uncompromised rhetoric, our bold critiquing of the failed Prolife Industrial Complex, and our obvious […]

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Beware of Broken Wolf Dens

I haven’t always liked articles from Joe Carter or the Gospel Coalition, but his recent article, Beware of Broken Wolves, is great. The Church has forgotten the age old adage, “hurt people hurt people”. The victim becomes the victimizer. The abused becomes the abuser. The bullied becomes the bully. The sinned against becomes the sinner. Of course, […]

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A Tale of Two Kingdom Ecclesiology: The Road to Rome and Escondido

Two-Kingdom ecclesiology is incompatible with the Kingdom of God. Something is amiss, even in Reconstructionist circles. Two-Kingdom ecclesiology has truncated the Kingdom of God and equivocated on the Bride of Christ.  These are errors to any Christian but it is blatant inconsistency on the part of those who hold to these errors while at the […]

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