Reformed Papists, Being Offended, and Rushdoony

There really is such a thing as Reformed Papists. Sometimes called Romish, or Romanists, these men will balk at these apt handles. They will mock and they will scoff. After all, THEY believe in Sola Fide and all that good stuff. Surely THEY can’t have anything to do with Rome. But they can, and many... Continue Reading →

Beware of Broken Wolf Dens

I haven't always liked articles from Joe Carter or the Gospel Coalition, but his recent article, Beware of Broken Wolves, is great. The Church has forgotten the age old adage, "hurt people hurt people". The victim becomes the victimizer. The abused becomes the abuser. The bullied becomes the bully. The sinned against becomes the sinner. Of course,... Continue Reading →

The Incredible Shrinking Bride of Christ

The Bride of Christ has been shrunk. With an equivocation on doctrinal terms, the Church of Jesus Christ has been shrunk, confined, and truncated. I’ve recently been told by multiple Reformed churchmen that the visible catholic (universal) Church, according to Scripture and Reformed Confession, is the same thing as the local church. This claim has... Continue Reading →

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