Be Killing Sin: The REAL Future of Christendom (guest post)

This is a guest post from Allen and Elizabeth Sacks. I am providing my little and humble platform as a means of hosting their story. It is not a fun or easy story to tell. Their storyis about the need for a beloved local church to repent, pride, deception, manipulation, and sin. I know from... Continue Reading →

God, Service, And Authority (Covenantal Complementarianism Part 2)

In the first essay in this series, I introduced the idea that both common views of authority within marriage, egalitarianism and complementarianism, fail to meet the Biblical mark. Both views base their positions on ontology, i.e., the position of husband, the gender of male, or the radical ontological equality of all. I also defined these terms and... Continue Reading →

Defining Terms (Covenantal Complementarianism Part 1)

“Covenantal complementarianism” serves as a clarification, and sometimes a substantial correction, of the standard view of complementarianism within modern evangelicalism. It also serves as a vital bulwark against forms of egalitarianism that are clear departures from both Scriptural truth and physiological realities. The biblical, covenantal view departs from both ends of the spectrum. Christians, in... Continue Reading →

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