Activism and The Bitterness Trap: Doing a Good Job With Good Spirit

I once knew a US Military combat veteran of the Korean and Vietnam conflicts. He was a believer, a bit gruff, a faithful husband, a good father and grandfather, and a bit racist against Asians. Think of Clint Eastwood’s character from Gran Torino. This man had become hardened and calloused from his many personal experiences. He... Continue Reading →

In Defense of an Unsafe Justice

In a rather silly display, I’ve seen many “anti-social-justice-warriors” make statements effectively decrying the use of extra-Biblical adjectives. Proclamations along the lines of “we don’t need social-justice because we have justice!” and “the Bible doesn’t qualify justice” are all over blogs and social media. Not only is this bold anti-adjective stance nonsensical, but it is... Continue Reading →

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