AHA, Forgiveness, and Unity

Every once in awhile there is something that I feel like I have to write. I will have an enormous burden on my heart until I get these thoughts and ideas out. This is such an article. I am also publishing this on my own personal site because, well, it is deeply personal. I will... Continue Reading →

The Covenantal Marriage: An Update

Late last year I wrote a three-part series on what I called "Covenantal Complementarianism." In these articles, I sought to introduce the idea of applying the five-point covenantal framework on authority and submission within a Christian Marriage. Applying this model corrects some of the abuses typical complementarians fall into regarding the authority of the husband... Continue Reading →

In Defense of an Unsafe Justice

In a rather silly display, I’ve seen many “anti-social-justice-warriors” make statements effectively decrying the use of extra-Biblical adjectives. Proclamations along the lines of “we don’t need social-justice because we have justice!” and “the Bible doesn’t qualify justice” are all over blogs and social media. Not only is this bold anti-adjective stance nonsensical, but it is... Continue Reading →

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