Being Tossed From Airplanes: Bodily Autonomy, Evictionism, and Personhood

Over the last several years I have noticed a trend away from pro-abort arguments that dehumanize the preborn toward arguments that rely on “bodily autonomy” based ideas. The cliche and scientifically ignorant arguments that claim that the preborn are “not human” a “parasite” or “not alive” are quickly being replaced with this more elegant though... Continue Reading →

An Abolitionist Responds to Grace To You’s Fred Butler (Guest Post)

This is a guest post from friend and fellow Abolitionist, Alex Johnson. Although we do not wish to spend too much time responding to this sort of lightweight article, it is good that Alex responded. So much could be said about Fred Butler's article, but one striking that popped out to me was Fred's admission... Continue Reading →

Is Oklahoma Abolishing Abortion?: Part 1

Many Oklahoman Pro-lifers are very excited by SB 15521 being passed and sent on to the Governor's Office. News headlines read “Oklahoma Passes Bill Effectively Banning Abortion” and “Oklahoma Lawmakers Pass Bill That Makes Performing An Abortion A Felony”. Sounds great, doesn’t it? Many will think so. I’m not so sure. I WILL say that the version... Continue Reading →

  One of the most important truths that I have learned over the last several years is that whenever you discern a problem and you attempt to correct that problem, you must be very careful to not over correct. Whenever you realize you are up to your knees in filth in one ditch, you don’t... Continue Reading →

Abortion Mill Basics

Over the last few weeks many have expressed interest in beginning to minister at abortion clinics. In fact, it has been a rare day that I have not seen a FaceBook post or read an email of someone desiring to care for the least of these in this particular manner. Although I’m sure much has... Continue Reading →

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