How The SCOTUS Was Right About Texas Abortion Regulations


From time to time I will be contributing at The fine gentlemen at this website recently asked me to share my thoughts on the recent SCOTUS decision to strike down the Texas abortion regulation bill, H.B. 2, and I gladly accepted their invitation. The following is a short exert from that article. I highly encourage everyone to follow this website. They offer news and editorials from a consistent Christian worldview and they are putting out a lot of great content.

On June 27 The Supreme Court of the United States ruled against a Texas abortion regulation bill. At least in some important ways, I think the Supreme Court was right. Further, the striking down of this bill is no great loss and it would not do the good people of Texas any good to defy the SCOTUS in regards to the enforcement of this bill.

Texas House Bill 2 was a bill that had two primary provisions. First, the bill required all abortionists to have admittance privileges in a hospital no greater than 30 miles from the abortion clinic. Second, HB 2 sought to require all abortion clinics to meet the Texas Health and Safety Codes for ambulatory surgical centers.

The principle reason why the SCOTUS struck this bill down was because they viewed this bill as in conflict with the Casey vs Planned Parenthood decision. They saw these regulations as putting a substantial obstacle in the path of women seeking an abortion and putting an undue burden on abortion access.

The reason why I think the SCOTUS was at least partially correct was because HB 2 was intentionally designed to restrict abortion access…..

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