Ignoring Ethnic Hatred, Disregarding Church Authority, and the Future of Christendom

Christian Reconstructionists have a lot to say about justice, law, and impartiality, but if we pick and choose which injustices to oppose while embracing others, the rest of the Church will take note, and the world will take note too. How can we dare hold anti-abortion signs comparing various holocausts and then let a man who denies the Jewish holocaust teach the sheep?

Power Religion and Taking Offense

A little over a year ago I wrote “Reformed Papists, Being Offended, and Rushdoony.” The main idea of that article was that being a “Reformed Papist” is very much a genuine affliction which deserves an objective label. When Christians employ that sort of term, it is not as if they are calling you a “poopy head,” a... Continue Reading →

A Field of Service and Authority

There was once a good master who owned a field. This master had two servants: a man and his wife. The master's job was to rule; him being the master and all. And the good master naturally desired many good crops. The job of the man was to produce crops for his master. The job... Continue Reading →

Kinism, Ageism, and Ignoring the Roots

Downplaying the severity and sinfulness of kinism because it does not necessarily mean you hate black people is like downplaying the severity and sinfulness of ageism because it does not necessarily mean you are prochoice. Kinism forms the theological foundation for dehumanizing racism and slavery in the very same way that ageism forms the philosophical... Continue Reading →

A Brief Note on Defining Kinism

False teachers are notoriously slippery. They will rarely answer direct questions with direct answers. They will often respond to exegesis and clear arguments with equivocations, emotionalism, and deflections. They will keep their teachings purposely vague in order to fool the gullible and naive. When their particular heresy is denounced by name, in a public relations... Continue Reading →

Immediatism: What It Is, What It Isn’t

There has been an ongoing debate within pro-life and anti-abortion circles over immediatism and incrementalism. Though these debates have been ongoing for years, it is wise to take the time to ensure that as many people as possible understand the debate and the terms, for they are crucial. What is “incrementalism”? What is the alternative... Continue Reading →

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