A Brief Note on Defining Kinism

False teachers are notoriously slippery. They will rarely answer direct questions with direct answers. They will often respond to exegesis and clear arguments with equivocations, emotionalism, and deflections. They will keep their teachings purposely vague in order to fool the gullible and naive. When their particular heresy is denounced by name, in a public relations... Continue Reading →

Immediatism: What It Is, What It Isn’t

There has been an ongoing debate within pro-life and anti-abortion circles over immediatism and incrementalism. Though these debates have been ongoing for years, it is wise to take the time to ensure that as many people as possible understand the debate and the terms, for they are crucial. What is “incrementalism”? What is the alternative... Continue Reading →

Smashing the Idol of “Incrementalism”, even the “smashmouth” variety (Muscovite Compromise Part 1)

by John Reasnor and Joel McDurmon — As Christian Reconstructionists and abolitionists, Douglas Wilson’s recent article on incrementalism and the so-called “abolish human abortion now” mentality is disconcerting. This is not his first article on “incrementalism,” but it has been some time since he has been this clear in his support for it. In fact,... Continue Reading →

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