“Smashmouth Incrementalism” is Still Fatal Incrementalism (Muscovite Compromise 2)

Over the last few days both Toby Sumpter (pastor of Trinity Reformed Church in Moscow, ID) and Douglas Wilson (pastor Christ Church of Moscow, ID) have responded to Joel McDurmon’s and my critique of Wilson’s comments on incrementalism and abolitionism. For the record, the link to the podcast in which Douglas made comments about abolitionism is here, his... Continue Reading →

Smashing the Idol of “Incrementalism”, even the “smashmouth” variety (Muscovite Compromise Part 1)

by John Reasnor and Joel McDurmon — As Christian Reconstructionists and abolitionists, Douglas Wilson’s recent article on incrementalism and the so-called “abolish human abortion now” mentality is disconcerting. This is not his first article on “incrementalism,” but it has been some time since he has been this clear in his support for it. In fact,... Continue Reading →

Is Working With The State Serving Two Masters?

There are voluntarists (sometimes called anarchists), such as myself, that hold to a voluntary view of civil government based off of Theonomic Law, reason, and utility. I, as an voluntarist and Theonomist (sometimes the same people but certainly not always), however, am not opposed to using and participating in institutions that currently do not match... Continue Reading →

The Altar of Ecclesiastical Idolatry

In the fight against the abortion holocaust we must unite according to the Gospel. Not ecclesiology and not tactics. Theology matters. How much Theology matters also matters. We should consider first things first. Above all other things, we should be for Christ and His Kingdom. Abolitionism (as in the worldview/ideology) has always affirmed the importance... Continue Reading →

Must Christians Speak Out Against Injustice?

Do Christians have any moral responsibility to speak out against injustice and evil in their culture? Assuredly, the individual Christian cannot repent of someone else’s sin. The individual Christian will not stand before God and have his personal sin weighed together with his local church’s sins or his country’s sins. However, the Christian’s duty and... Continue Reading →

The Immigration Debate and the Hidden Root

There is a lot of talking past one another when Christians discuss immigration. This is not what I would call a unique problem with the subject matter, but immigration certainly seems to be, for many, a subject of particular consternation and frustration. Often, there is a great deal of emotionalism involved. Fears and anxieties based... Continue Reading →

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